Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will inform you about the way we ABS Health, LLC will handle information that we collect and retrieve from each person visiting this website. ABS Health, LLC may alter or change this privacy policy at anytime without any notice. This includes adding any new information or removing prior information on the privacy policy. Our privacy policy is here to inform you of what information we are collecting from you, how it will be used, and how this information will be disclosed. At any time if you do not agree with our privacy, we ask that you please exit this website by closing the web page.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our privacy policy, please feel free to send us an email at:

Pledge to Privacy

By submitting any personal information to us, you are confirming that you are over 18 years of age or have the consent of your legal guardian in providing us with your personal information. Information that ABS Health, LLC may collect from you will include but not limited to: your name, address, date of birth, contact telephone number and email address. This will provide us with basic information to contact you with, but additional information might be needed and without it you might not be able to proceed with the trials.

Additional information may be requested in order to determine if you are a good fit for a specific study. Such additional information may include: your height / weight, health history, ethnicity, etc.

How your personal information is used

When you provide us with your information, this information is added to our database. Please note that at ABS Health, LLC we are affiliated to other organizations on a worldwide scale. This personal information may be forwarded to those third party organizations who are acting on our behalf, and will not use the information for any other reason except for the one that it is intended for. These third parties are affiliated to us for a purpose that we have initially agreed upon, and are not allowed to disclose your personal information to other third parties, unless we have permitted them to do so.

By submitting your personal information to us, you are giving consent to our staff to contact you to follow up with the information that you have provided us with. Point of contact can include telephone, SMS text, or email. If ABS Health, LLC has determined that you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial, you will have to go through a screening process which will require you to provide us with even more additional personal information. The screening process will require you to travel to one of our locations, and undergo some tests in order to ensure that you are suitable for the trial.

Certain ways are used to collect information, such as the searches you used or the websites that led you to ours. This is all information that we use to help understand our visitors better as we want to consistently make constant updates to our website. This information will be used to compile statistics about visitors of our website for marketing purposes, so that we can hope to reach a certain target market.

Third Parties

ABS Health, LLC is affiliated with other organizations, so these third parties may obtain your information through us. These third party organizations include agents, contractors and other partners that we may have. They are not allowed to use your information for anything except for the purpose that it is intended for. For example, we may have a third party hosting our databases so they will have access to the information that you have provided for us. Through this, these third party organizations may contact you or provide you with information that you need. These third parties are not allowed to disclose your personal information to additional third parties, unless we have allowed them to.

ABS Health, LLC reserves the right to share personal information when required by the government authorities or those in the law.


Certain levels of security are used to prevent information from being stolen on this website. We will take appropriate legal action if there are any illegal uses of our website. Any security breaches will have legal action taken in regards to that. This includes cooperating with any legal law enforcement organizations and disclosing any information that is needed for the investigation.

We are not responsible for your own computer’s level of protection, and highly recommend that each computer should have a good virus protection program. Our website may be suspended or taken off the web at any given time with no prior notification if any changes / updates need to be made. Any updates or changes made to the privacy will be reflected on this page.


A cookie lets us know if you have visited our website before. This helps us monitor our visitors better. A cookie is sent from our web server to your computer when you visit and it is then stored on your hard drive. When you visit again, the cookie will let us know if you already have a cookie from your previous visit. A cookie will collect information about your computer, such as your IP address, date and time visited, what website led you here, and pages you have visited. It may also collect additional information such as the type of browser you are using, type of operating system you use (Windows, IOS, etc) and your internet provider.

All of this information collected is purely for analytical purposes, again to help us gain a better understanding of our visitors. Of course, you can always decline the use of cookies when you visit this website. However, declining the use of a cookie may restrict you from accessing certain parts of the website.

Right to change / remove information

At anytime if you wish to change or remove your information from our database, please contact us directly so that we can assist you with that.

Phone Number: +1 (562) 661-5592

Please note that it may take some time for the database to update, so even after the initial point of contact for removal you might still receive information from us for a short while. If you request for information removal, then all of your personal information will be permanently deleted from the database. If you have been screened and participated in a clinical trial, that information may remain to aid the clinical trial.


This privacy policy only applies to our website (ABS Health, LLC) and not to the websites that we are affiliated with. Any links that we may provide on our website are solely in the best interest of our visitors. However, our privacy policy does not extend to them as we are unable to guarantee the standards that their privacy policy will uphold. Therefore, this policy policy does not apply to any website linked not related to ABS Health, LLC.