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1. Use of Website

You are allowed to browse the website as you wish. Any information that you take from this website (text, images, audio, video) may only be used for your own non-commercial use. You are not allowed to distribute, modify or reuse any information for commercial purposes without permission from ABS Health, LLC. You should be under the assumption that everything displayed on this website is copyrighted and and should not be reused in anyway without permission. You are not allowed to modify any materials you have collected from us. Any trademark, copyright notices are not allowed to be removed under any circumstances.

Reasonable precautions to keep the security of the website up to date. At any time, the website could go offline without prior notification and that is beyond our control. Majority of the website should be accessible without any registration required. Certain parts of the website may require registration, and those parts are usually limited to those who have registered an account with us.

2. Copyright /Trademark Information

You are under the assumption that everything that is displayed on this website is either trademarked or copyrighted. This website may also contain other materials that are also copyrighted to other organizations related to us. No licensing or rights are granted to you by any means. Any use of our materials without our consent is an infringement of our rights, and we will take legal action against you if necessary.

Any third party companies, designs or logos that are trademarked to their respective owners are exhibited out of good faith with the intention of benefiting their respective owners. Only the respective owners can grant any permission for use of their designs or logos to you.

3. Information Given to Us

You confirm that all of the information that you have provided to us is true and accurate. Your information is protected under our Privacy Policy. However, any material that you may provide to us through the website can be used and will be treated as non-confidential and nonproprietary. The material we are referring to will include any questions, comments, suggestions that you have send to us. All of this information can be treated as our and our affiliates’ property, and may be used for any purpose. Any information that you provide to us can help us improve our marketing methods and improve our overall website experience for visitors like you.

4. Participation on our website

When you engage in our website with discussions, chats, or etc, ABS Health, LLC does not assume any responsibility for the content that is being posted. This includes any error, slander, obscene materials, profanity or inappropriate material. Inappropriate materials that are posted can be considered a criminal offense, and if it violates the law in anyway then we will take appropriate action with the law. We will disclose the identity of any individual to the law enforcement when needed.

5. Other Websites

ABS Health, LLC has not investigated every third party website that links to our website, so we are not responsible for any of the content displayed on their website. If you want to link our website on your page, you can only link our home page, as links to the other pages are not allowed without permission from us first.

Links that we have provided to other website are solely for the best interest to you. We are not responsible for any other websites that the third party websites may link you to.

6. Legal Action

If you have violated any of our terms and conditions, then we may take legal action that can prevent you from visiting our website. This can also include the removal of any information, data or consent that you have provided to us at any moment without notice. Any information that you have provided to us will be disclosed to the law enforcement if necessary. This can be done at anytime without any prior notice.

7. Conclusion

ABS Health, LLC has created this website for the sole purpose of informing our visitors about our organization and what we do. If you have any issues with any of the material displayed on our website, whether it is to report any errors or make a suggestion, we ask that you please contact us. Our goal is to maintain a website that can be enjoyable to our visitors, so we would love to hear back from you if you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make your browsing experience better.